Episode 9 | What the Flick? | Wait Until Dark

In this edition of our ongoing film analysis series, we cover the film, Wait Until Dark; a surprisingly relevant film all the way back from 1967! Special guest, Laurie Seifert Williams joins us to dissect and even provide a bit of a history lesson. This episode should entertain you even if you haven’t seen this movie yet!

Episode 8 | Henry Kissinger Looks Squishy

In this episode, we interview local songwriting legend and just plain cool guy, Darrin Wentz. Darrin regales us with tales from a most storied past, everything from how live music has changed to why Dr. Ruth is the most legit celeb ever to walk the planet. We also learn that apparently you can disqualify a horse…everything’s on the table in this one!

Be sure to check Darrin’s album, When You Were Young on Spotify!