Episode 12 | Canadium (Part Two)

We’re back with the stunning conclusion to part one of our hit series, Canadium: The Last Vengeance! Okay, all that “last vengeance” business is really not applicable to this episode but it sounded cool and I don’t really want to go back and delete it.

In this episode, we learn Travis was a punk, men are really quite gross and stinky, pronunciation is tricky, Travis was a punk and both Sabrina and Laurie have some cool projects coming up!

Episode 11 | Canadium (Part One)

We’ve brought the big guns in on this one…so big, in fact, that we couldn’t fit all this greatness into a single episode! Sabrina Hornung joins us to discuss North Dakota history (far, far more exciting than you think!), her role as editor for the High Plains Reader and their related events, stories from her many travels, the Robinson high art scene (it’s a thing!) and so much more. This is a must listen for anyone from the area and now that we think about it, any human walking the planet!

Episode 10 | Only Broken People Mock Terry Redlin

We bring on our good friend and one-Netflix-special away comedian, Rebecca on to discuss everything from living as a trans woman to growing up in the ’90s, Star Trek faux paus, South Dakota, quality cinema and so much more. You better be sitting down for this one!