Episode 16 | Come On Brain, We Can Do This! | An Interview with the Gina Powers Band

Travis, Chris and Nox welcome Gina Powers and some members of the band; Chris(Topher) Argenziano and Mitch Rittenbach. Missing from the crew was Russell Pfaff, which is apparently his punishment for being a drummer? You decide!

It almost seems best to just leave it there…buckle up for a wild ride and some incredible performances as we move from topic to topic, song to song.

Episode 15 | Separating the Art from the Artist (Volume One)

Sarah Boonstoppel stop-pels by to discuss a rather sober topic, can we and should we separate the art from the artist? Every artist? Does what they’ve done and how they’ve apologized matter? So much more is covered, you’ll find yourself along for a ride on this one. Travis, Chris, Nox and Ben accompany her as they delve deep into some close to home figures of our society. Buckle up!