Episode 4 | The Great, Big Pixeled Adventure!

We sat down with the owner and proprietor, Nick Hill at his wonderful establishment to talk beer, arcade maintenance, video gaming, nostalgia and Gunship. We even played a bit of trivia at the end of this one!

Recorded live at Pixeled Brewing Co. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and at http://www.pixeled.beer!

2 Replies to “Episode 4 | The Great, Big Pixeled Adventure!”

  1. Guest is in stereo. Be like guest so headphone listening isn’t so tough. There’s a lack of balance. Sibilance! Syphilis! Sibilance! Also can’t understand y’all when you’re talking at the same time either.

    1. Everyone is in stereo but to your point, we intentionally pan the mics to match up with the room. This approach came about for a number of production reasons but crucially, understanding us is even worse without it; especially when those passionate moments hit us and we end up talking over each other. Other people have commented on their appreciation of the panning because it has helped identify individual voices. This episode had other audio pitfalls, too; we recorded this live at Pixeled. We could only do so much to isolate ourselves and reduce the background noise, although it is pretty cool getting to listen in on people actively enjoying super cool arcade games. No doubt there’s still much for us to learn!

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