About Us


We’re a ragtag group of media obsessives all the way from the frozen tundra that is Fargo, ND. What you, dear listener, may not know is that a lot of wild, crazy, moving, awe-inspiring stuff happens all the way up here and we’ll bring it to you through our demented little vehicle known as the Totally Killer Podcast.

One episode, we may review a film at length. One episode, we may interview an inspiring guest that has stories to tell. In yet another episode, we may just hang out and talk about Kung Fury or Suicidal Tendencies (relax, they’re a band) for way too long. We don’t just bring insightful conversation your way; sketches, characters, pranks, nothing is off limits and nothing is sacred!

You never know what you’re going to experience on the Totally Killer Podcast and trust us, you’re going to prefer it that way.