Episode 6 | Big Brother Made Me Wear a Red Cardigan

We interview former Voice contestant and all around affable guy, Michael Leier (or Dr. Lawrence Gregory III to his friends) to learn all about his experience being on a major network television show. Stick around to the end to enjoy a couple tunes from the man, including an original song of his own!

Episode 5 | Soaking Tall

In this episode, we bring good friends, Amanda and Colin to join Travis, Patrick and Chris for a rousing discussion. Colin gets into his origins in Zimbabwe, what it’s like to live on the prairie (and the United States in general), friendships, killer canines, terrible impressions of African accents and a long dialogue on the word “epitome”. All bases covered on this one!

Episode 4 | The Great, Big Pixeled Adventure!

We sat down with the owner and proprietor, Nick Hill at his wonderful establishment to talk beer, arcade maintenance, video gaming, nostalgia and Gunship. We even played a bit of trivia at the end of this one!

Recorded live at Pixeled Brewing Co. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and at http://www.pixeled.beer!

Episode 3 | What the Flick? | Miracle Mile

In our ongoing series, What the Flick? we cover all things entertainment. In this episode, we cover the film Miracle Mile; a nostalgia-laden ride through 1989, the end of the Cold War and the lingering nuclear fears that still pervaded the culture of our country. We also discuss love in an elevator so you know…all bases covered!

Episode 1 | The Totally Killer Podcast Preview Show!

In this episode, we hang out with the one and only Christopher Walken!…although sadly, he was stuck in a drive thru for most of the episode. Otherwise, the four of us have a roundtable discussion on a variety of topics while trying (but often failing) to highlight what’s to come in future episodes of the Totally Killer Podcast. Stick around to the end for a special song from future guest, Michael Leier!

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